Pechanga and Rincon

The trip to Pechanga was interesting. It was a bit of a drive and we made Zane drive all of us since I drove last time. When we got up there it was windy and chilly. I remember thinking I wish I had something warmer to wear. We all got on a bus and drove not too far and arrived at this huge tree. Our guide was named Willie Pink and he had to pull back some leafery for us to really get in and see the tree. It was massive and gorgeous and over 100 years old we were told. Here is a picture…


I know a lot of us, myself included thought this was the beginning and end of our journey but it wasn’t. We got back on the bus and headed off for another destination. We arrived at a little pool of water with grasses and brush all around.


We walked up a ways and came to some really cool huts that had been built. I really liked the texture of the deergrass that was used to make these huts. A little further upwards we came to their houses made from wood which looked like the classic teepee but without the tent or animal skin. The grass was so lush and beautiful up in that wooded area. It felt like a space from the old carefree days before we were slaves to technology. We walked around some more and saw handprints and drawings on a rock which was really cool to look at. Its hard to imagine that the pigment Native Americans used was so basic but stood up to all the elements. Along the way we learned about deergrass and how Native Americans used it in their lives. Kai and I were cold and getting tired of standing so we sat on a rock and listened while taking pictures of the longhouse. The longhouse was really interesting to look at just from an angles standpoint. Granted, the longhouse was built bigger than what it typically would have been, but it was still really really cool. Further along the path we came to bunches of deergrass. It was really quite pretty. 


We cruised around some more and looked at this other thing (though I don’t remember what the purpose of it was. I think it was for drying out things) and I remember the huge wooden looking mushroom that was there. I thought that was the end of our tour but we ended up at the firing pit for clay pots. I like the one sitting on the side and all the broken ones inside looked cool too. The fact that the pit was in the dirt reminds me of Hawaiian food because of the kahlua pork because the pig is roasted in the earth.


I was starting to get restless and only half payed attention at the next thing Willie showed us which I’m really sad to say. Once again we got back on the bus and made one last stop. We ended up at the greenhouses which was really cool. It was cool to see all the little baby plants. I didn’t go in the greenhouse though cause it was cold outside and hot in there and I didn’t want to get cold again when I stepped back outside. I remember looking at the watering system for the bigger plants and being really impressed. The way they used the hose and made holes for each pot and turned it into a sprinkler system was genius. However, I was tired and cold and wanted to get back in the warm car that had awesome taffy Carrie brought. After the greenhouses we got back on the bus and went back to the cars and called it a day. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rincon Reservation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For this expedition Carrie drove since we needed the space for shovels and she did volunteer to drive us. This time we had some awesome gummy worms to snack on for the drive up. This drive was long. I was navigating we missed an exit cause I wasn’t paying attention at the time. But we turned around and got back on track in no time. We arrived at the reservation and man was it bright and hot. The syllabus said to bring something warm to wear. It lied! Anyways, we stood around and listened to Kristie Orosco talk about the different plots of land and how we were going to plant different things in each area. There were four different plots and as such, were numbered off one through four. I ended up in the desert plot which was arguably the smallest and had the least amount to plant. It was nice because most of the group was from our class and there were only about 3 from the other class.


My mom is the one with the green thumb in the house so I know almost nil about what plants are what and where they should go. After sitting around for a bit, we finally decided to get to work. For the most part, we just put a plant at any spot that looked good but we decided the oaks would run the perimeter of our space. After getting it all laid out and getting everything approved by Kristie, we started digging. I guess I’m used to digging deeper holes because my first plant was almost halfway underground so I had to put more dirt back in the hole. Getting them out of the pots was a bit of a drag since some of them were spiny and liked to bite you if you didn’t handle them right. I mostly planted this one particular succulent just because I thought it was pretty. We were told that desert plants like rocks near them so off Carrie and I went in search of cartable rocks. Needless to say, we got a lot of rocks since Carrie used her sweatshirt old school style to carry them all. In what seemed like no time at all, we were done. After looking around and realizing we were the only group done, we walked around and then sat around and sat some more. Someone had a genius idea to help the other groups but I was taking pictures at the time. It was hard to get a good shot because it was super bright outside so it took me longer than normal to get what I liked. Finally two more groups finished and Deb took us on a little trek out from where we were. It was cool going exploring around the grounds. I remember Deb telling us the names of a lot of the plants but I can’t remember much in the way of names anymore.


We came to some really tall grass and childhood urges took over so I sat down in the middle of the grass. It was wet! The damp jeans were totally worth it though. We headed back after adventuring for a good 10+ minutes. The other class left and then for some reason Kristie started talking to us about the plants which confused me since we were just the media. We had a slight glitch on our way out since Kai left Carrie’s shovel somewhere and it had vanished. Turns out it was put away in their shed. The shovel was recovered and that was the end of our adventure at Rincon.


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