Outside Field trips

For my outside field trips I went to Rattlesnake Canyon as well as the Penasquitos Preserve. In both places I’ve ridden through with my horses. I chose to to these places because they are closer to where I live and Rattlesnake Canyon is an area where the wildfires came through a few years ago and I walk my dogs through the preserve. In both places I didn’t have to walk very far to be surrounded by gorgeous plants.


This was actually across the creek from where I was. For some reason I have this fascination with the burned trees. They were burned in 2007 and it looks like the fire happened not too long ago. The charred trees are so beautiful to me. I went sometime after we had the rains and it was really lush. I’ve been through there before when the grass was brown. 


This was from the preserve. Thankfully I didn’t have my dogs with me at the time or I wouldn’t have been able to take the pictures. This tree was a little ways down the road. Instead of going in through the main entrance (where you have to pay) my friend took me to and entrance down the road from my old middle school which I didn’t even know existed. We walked quite a ways and I’m glad I had my friend because he walks the area all the time and I had never come through it on that side. The preserve itself is huge and I’ve been though maybe 100th of it.


For some reason I’ve had this attraction to these flowers. It might be the purple (since I have purple in my hair) or it could be how pretty they are and yet how you don’t want to touch them. It is hard to think that pretty white fuzz will be painful if you touch it. I went through a phase where I would get all prettied up but I did it for me and if anyone wanted to mess with me, I planned on kicking their butts. 


This last picture was actually at Rattlesnake Canyon. I managed to get there just as dusk was approaching. There was this little bird that kept flying around and I managed to catch him in this tree so I took a picture before he ran off again. You can just make out his tail and body in the twigs. My dad used to go to Death Valley a lot and take pictures of the trees up there so I think from that I have this appreciation and love of leafless trees. Both were very fun places to go and I will continue to go back.


~ by amandabard on April 27, 2009.

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