This may sound really corny but for one of my photographers I chose Nigel Barker. Yes I know he is a part of America’s Next Top Model but what I really like about his photography is that he can take classic clean photos as well as darker and gritty. I love the flexibility he has as a photographer. It think it is important as a photographer to stretch your limits and work different elements of photography. Photography has so much variety to offer and I think people should tap into it as much as possible just to give themselves more variety and a better understanding of what is out there. I think more often than not, people get stuck in a rut of in what feels safe. Nigel not only does work in relation to ANTM but he also does high fashion work, print media like Seventeen, and his own work outside of both genres.



My second photographer is Daniel Boczarski because he is a band photographer. I love bands, I have friends in bands, and I love taking pictures of bands. I like his work because he seems to catch them in a special moment. One of the things I love about bands are those little moments and he seems to catch them. There are so many photographers out there who take pictures of bands and they are so bland and uninspiring. Photographs are meant to catch the special moments for memory sake and so many photographers out there don’t catch those moments. This photographer is inspiring to me because his photos convey exactly what I mean when I talk about those “little moments.” In this particular picture below is William Beckett, the singer for the band The Academy Is… He is a very expressive performer and often times has these excellent moments I’m talking about. The picture below shows one of those moments captured. It is pure, simplistic, excellence. and I love it.



~ by amandabard on April 27, 2009.

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